We are pedalling you to a greener environment...
Joins us and give the world a second chance.

    Pedicabs drivers are pedalling for a better environment...

    A pedicab is a great way to add excitement to your night on the town, or bring enjoyment to something as regular as a trip to the grocery store.

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    Take attention of crowds for your brand with our pedicabs...

    As an innovative and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, pedicab (rickshaw) fleets provide the perfect vehicle to deliver your brand's message.

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    We are with you all in your special events, birthdays, parties and organizations.

    In your media campaigns, special events, romantical moments, sampling events, parties and celebrations, we are working with you in a harmony..

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  • cONTACT us

    For any kind of information or for booking your pedicab travel reach us.

    You can reserve your pedicab from now on. You can reach us for your wishes, complaints, special events, celebrations.Your ideas are important for us...

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